Mozilla invites you to create a new game, experience, interaction or design with the assets created from Real Time Design Challenge with Sketchfab.

How to Participate

You are free to choose how you would like to tackle the experience. Mozilla is excited to see what new games, character interactions and scenes you come up with. We would like to see these assets used in new and innovative ways. You can find the assets here or by using searching the tag medievalfantasyscene on Sketchfab. You must use at least one asset in your submission to be considered for a prize. So go ahead, add a dragon!

Enter your submission here!

Submission will be open starting on December 5th, 2017.

If you would like help getting started, please see the WebVR blog for a tutorial.


December 5th, 2017: Submissions open

April 2nd, 2018: Submissions close

April 30th, 2018: Winners announced


For any WebVR challenge related questions please contact us here or check out the WebVR slack channel for more immediate help



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Joshua Marinacci
Senior developer evangelist at Mozilla, working on Mixed Reality for the Web.

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Fernando Serrano García

Senior WebXR developer at Mozilla

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Ada Rose Edwards
Ada Rose Cannon

Developer Advocate for the Samsung Internet VR browser

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