We’re exploring their new Hubs platform and populating it with new spaces and props.

How to Participate

Zorp hadn’t seen their friends in a LONG time, and was looking forward to finally seeing them again tonight. As Zorp was flicking through the available spaces their eye fell on the retro, 21st century clubhouse. This was perfect! They quickly personalised it a bit - a cool poster here, some comfy chairs and some mood lights there. Done!

Welcome to our new community contest! Once again we've joined up with the Mozilla crew to build virtual worlds. This time we’re exploring their new Hubs platform and populating it with new spaces and props.

The theme is 'Clubhouse' - this can be anything from a treehouse to a speakeasy, a space station to a super-secret gathering space at the bottom of the ocean. You’ll be challenged to design both the space as well as props for it so that other people can use them on Mozilla Hubs.

About Mozilla Hubs

Hubs is Mozilla’s new social 3D platform. It lets you meet friends, ‘voice talk’ to them, and decorate the space with any kind of content, including YouTube videos, images and, of course, Sketchfab models - just by visiting a link.

Give it a try now! Visit this room on Hubs, open a second window with downloadable Sketchfab models and just copy and paste the page URL for in any downloadable Sketchfab model to add it to your space.

The Mozilla Hubs team says:

“We would like you to create assets for your own Clubhouse. Do you want to have a poster of your favorite band on the wall? A portrait of your grandparents or grand-grandparents? An entire aquarium wall? Create them!

We have chosen to collaborate with Sketchfab on this project because Sketchfab is one of the world’s leaders in creating 3D, VR, and AR content. We worked with Sketchfab before and have had a chance to fully appreciate the creative power of its designer community.”


Submitted models must be uploaded to Sketchfab and tagged #MozHubsRoom (for rooms) and #MozHubsProp (for assets) to be considered. If you don’t already have a Sketchfab account, you can sign up for free here.

All entries must be made downloadable under the Creative Commons Attribution license.

The Creative Commons Attribution licence (also known as CC-BY) ensures that artists are free to use and build upon your work if they properly credit you, and that they indicate if they any changes were made. For in-depth information, please visit the Creative Commons website.


Challenge Rules

  • Each entry should include the room or space itself and should have at least 5 tagged assets that must be made downloadable as a whole room and separately.

  • Rooms should be tagged with #MozHubsRoom and assets with #MozHubsProp.

  • The theme of clubhouse is pretty broad. It can include decorations on the wall, furniture, artwork, machinery, knick-knacks or even objects that users could move around (coffee cups, magic wands, food bins, etc.)

  • The scale for Mozilla Hubs is human height = 1.6 meters; for most 3D apps this will translate to 1.6 units.

  • Do your best to keep the polygon count per asset less than 2,000 and under 50,000 for the complete, assembled room.

  • Using PBR materials (with metallic/roughness workflow) is the best.

  • Aim for 512×512 texture maps (if you really need larger texture maps, be sure to always use ‘power of two’ sizes like 1024×1024, 2048x2048 etc.).

  • Use static lighting and bake ambient occlusion and lightmaps if needed for your room.

  • Bonus points for animations.

  • Make sure your assembled room is easy to navigate using VR teleportation: avoid areas where people can get stuck, and make sure all target teleportation areas are visible.

  • Start your own topic in the TBD FORUM to document your work in progress. When in doubt about the visual style, feel free to ask us for feedback on your entry.

  • Submit only new work, but feel free to submit multiple scenes.

  • No ripping of models from anywhere on the Internet.